CuePlay - Editing cueplay.ini

You can find cueplay.ini in the directory ~/.cueplay. It is an .ini file. An example cueplay.ini file is given below.
See this example cueplay.ini for Mac OSX.

Section [Audio]

This section provides cueplayer with the information needed to play your music. As CuePlay delegates mp3 playing to mpg123, it requests a module to be used and a device to write the music to. device can be '-', if none is to be used (i.e., the primary audio device is used). mpg123 --list-modules gives you the possible audio modules on your system.

Sometimes you need other modules. Modules, mpg123 provides are:
Many systems use the pulse audio system. You then configure 'pulse'.


mpg123player The mpg123 player command line to use. Defaults to 'mpg123'. Normally you don't touch this setting.
module The audio module to use by mpg123 (jack, arts, oss, pulse, alsa, etc. )
device Identifies the hardware device to use with the audio module (depends on the audio module). E.g. hw:0,0 for alsa to indicate the primary audio device, or hw:1,0 to indicate a secondary device.
mix Not explained, just don't touch.

Section [flac123]

This section identifies the driver and player to use to play FLAC files. CuePlay is suited for playing flac files with flac123. It understands the following keywords:

flac123player Set the flac123 player. Defaults to 'flac123' or 'flac123_x86_64-linux' for 64 bit Ubuntu. Normally you don't touch this setting.
driver Set the driver to use by flac123.

flac123 has no way to set the audio device. But see libao settings.

Section [places]

Tells CuePlay where it can find its Music library. Normally you only touch 'music_library'. The following keywords are understood:

music_library The place where to find your music. Use '%HOME' to indicate your home directory.
guess_encodings Makes CuePlay default to the given character encoding when reading .cue files.
The place where to find your recordings. Use '%HOME' to indicate your home directory.

Example cueplay.ini

;; mpg123 settings
mpg123player=LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/mpg123 mpg123
mix=amixer -c 1 -- set PCM 75%,75% unmute



My cueplay.ini on Mac OSX

mix=amixer -c 1 -- set PCM 75%,75% unmute



On OSX Please don't touch the and scripts. If mpg123 stutters a lot (because your machine is often very busy), you can use -b 1024
Instead of the standard line.

© 2011 Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema - Artistic License