CuePlay - An example Radio URL file

If you put a '.radio' file in you collection, CuePlay interprets this as a URL pointer to a WebCast stream for Web Radio. It expects it to be MP3 format. Example (output of ls ~/Muziek/Radio on my computer):

Concertzender - Jazz.jpg             Klara.jpg         Radio 3FM.jpg
Concertzender -        Radio
Concertzender - Klassiek.jpg         NPS Output.jpg    Radio4.jpg
Concertzender -       NPS
Concertzender - Nieuwe Muziek.jpg    Radio1.jpg        Radio5.jpg
Concertzender - Nieuwe
Concertzender - Oude Muziek.jpg      Radio2.jpg        Radio6.jpg
Concertzender - Oude

Contents of a '.radio' file (output of cat ~/Muziek/Radio/ on my computer):

A '.jpg' file can be added as a picture with the stream (see the output of the ls command above).