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Currently prepared packages are available for:

Also for the Mac  Download OSX dmgs here.
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june 26, 2012 Made CuePlay work under OSX Lion
march 10, 2012 Added recording functionality

Welcome to CuePlay

A long time ago I ripped my entire CD collection to a bunch of mp3 files. I wanted to listen to my music on my laptop.  However, I've got a lot of classical music and as I didn't want the annoying MP3 Gap during a track change while listing to e.g. a Mahler symphony, I decided to rip each CD to 1 single mp3 file, accompanies by a CUE Sheet (see wikipedia).  I could have choosen to rip my CDs to a bunch of FLAC files, but FLAC format just takes too much space for me. So I choose a good quality mp3.

This works great with software like FooBar2000 on Windows. It didn't work that well on Linux, because there was no player that could handle cuesheets very well. So, I just wrote my own Gtk-Perl application, CuePlay, that I could use as my music center.

CuePlay (screenshots) is an audio player for Linux and Mac OS X (currently 10.6 (v0.89) and 10.7 are supported). It has been created to be able to play MP3 and FLAC files with cuesheets. This enables one to create one long MP3/FLAC file and index it with a .cue file.


Currently CuePlay supports:

Music files are put into a Music directory, which may contain subdirectories, along with playlist files (.cue and .m3u). That's all. CuePlay lets you navigate through your Music directory and choose the music to play. CuePlay features cover images through an extra tag in .cue files or a  'cover.jpg' file. The format of cue sheets for CuePlay can be found here. CuePlay uses mpg123 and flac123 for playback.


On Mac OS X, just copy the CuePlay icon to your application folder. CuePlay expects your music files in a subdirectory of your Music folder: <Music folder>/CuePlay. That's all and should make CuePlay do it's job.

Using Ubuntu, just install the downloaded '.deb' file using 'Ubuntu Software Centre'. A better alternative is to add this ppa repository to your apt sources and install right away without downloading the '.deb' files. As of 2012, '.deb' downloadable files are not updated anymore. CuePlay defaults to the ALSA sound system on your primary sound device (hw:0,0) and expects it's music in the directory '~/Muziek'.

After installing CuePlay, you can edit '~/.cueplay/cueplay.ini' to change these settings. If you are running CuePlay and want your sound on a secondary sound device (e.g. an USB sound device, connected to your HiFi), you need to change some settings and do some special stuff for playing flac files.


CuePlay in
                Action (v0.70)
CuePlay in action on Mac OS X 10.6 (v0.70)

A CuePlay
                Music Directory
Contents of a CuePlay Music Directory

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